Yoella Razili is an Israeli-born artist who lives and works in Los Angeles.

Her work belongs to the non-objective art movement and spans a range of media including found materials and paint.

Razili received her Master of Fine Arts from Otis Art Institute in 1981. Since then, she has exhibited her artwork internationally in the USA, Israel, Korea, France, and Italy.

Razili’s conceptual objects are built from found scraps of wood which are brought to the studio to be reworked. Her constructions are guided by the Minimalism art movement and Arte Povera. Artists like Antoni Tapies, Cy Twombly, Donald Judd, and Richard Tuttle influenced her work greatly.

She applies lessons learned about form, texture, color, and the purity of materials into the creation of new objects. The found materials, which carry their own history, are processed and joined with paint to create a new poetic architecture.

The rebuilt objects have there own existence, an existence that presents balance, unity, and stillness.