My work is a sum of the visual experience around me. I am influenced by architecture, art, and design.

On my daily walk, I find materials that inspire me to redesign and remake new objects. I pick up an old chair, a wooden frame, construction leftovers, cardboard, flooring base boards — all which have had previous history. In my studio, I recreate new structures that change the found objects completely with new forms and color. Yet, the character and the story of these found objects are left to be seen.

My underlying guidance is taken from the recognition and appreciation of the abstract movements, especially minimalism and arte povera.

In my work, I try to reach a balance of forces. I aim to get a resolution of tension between contradicting surfaces, weights, scale, and color.

My space is an expansion of man-made architectural structures. It is a landscape that is around me and in me. It is tangible, perhaps recognizable and affirming, but yet new, pure, and magical.